I made this tumblr when I was recovering, and whenever I was sad I would come on and I would be happy again. I appreciate yall so much for that, for making me happy. A year and a half later, I am older and have literally started over. Starting over for me means starting over everywhere else, so yes, new tumblr. I will no longer be using this one, and my new one is if you wish to follow my life. Its not only disney, its literally everything. So, if you wish to turn the page to a new chapter with me, welcome. If not, I am sorry our story has ended. 
As I log out of this little blog for the last time, the place I called home and considered my source of happiness for so long, I will remember the late nights I spent talking with the friends I made from this, the hours I spent working hard to make my little corner of the internet perfect. I will remember everything. 

Thank you all for the support, I love yall so much. 

xx Jillian